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Welcome to the Wiki for the Kellashee's Viridian Construct world-building project. The concept of the Kellashee and the Viridian Construct were created by Andrea Michael (Eo Fenstalker) for use as the basis for creative individuals to expand into character creation, role playing, storytelling, art and many other artistic ventures on a creative commons basis.

Species Information

The Kellashee can be described as having the appearance of an anthropomorphic hybridisation of feline and fairy dragon, though their origins lie in neither. Theirs is a highly technological, yet deeply nature revering culture.

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World Information

Their home world, the Viridian Construct, is a planetary ark construct; a created world surrounding a well-shielded yellow dwarf (G2V) star. The inner surface of this world bears a highly complex, finely tuned system of biomes containing richly flourishing ecosystems. The Kellashee are highly devoted to the upkeep of their world as it contains the last living traces of their prior home world, as well as vast collections of living systems that have been carefully and fastidiously transplanted from other threatened and dying worlds.


The construct is overseen by a council of nine, three from each affinity.


The Construct itself is a giant ship, a wandering planet. There are also smaller ships for exploration, transport and defence.

Notable Individuals

Though many Kellashee exist and flourish both on their home world and in many other planetary systems, a group of notable individuals rise above their brethren, distinguished through deed or word. Their acts of bravery, exploration, selflessness and many other noble attributes have earned them a place in Kellashee history.

History and Mythology

An ancient race, the majority of information pertaining to their origins are lost to the mists of time. The Kellashee were a species created to serve the existence of the construct, their prime directive that of saving and maintaining the last vestiges of dead and dying worlds, including their original home world.

Little is known in Kellashee society of the early histories. They were originally created as a genetically diverse, hardy and aesthetically beautiful species but were not autonomous or of high intelligence; this they developed over a millennium. A number of the elder race once lived within the construct as overseers but a devastating virus catastrophically reduced their numbers, eventually leaving the Kellashee to continue in their absence, driven by their biological charge to save and re-seed ecology via their affinities. The Construct is a wandering planet and a very long way from its original starting point and much information on the origins is stored on the ark in the ancient language. This language is virtually indecipherable to the Kellashee and what information is known of the creators has been interpreted in different ways according to linguists, leaving the true nature of their beginnings somewhat nebulous.

Kellashee tend to view their origins in two very diverse ways. Those who are very scientifically minded and evidence based lean towards "this is the information we have at hand, this is what we can get from it, anything more is lost to the ages". An origin myth appeared in folklore by those who are more spiritual in nature and a sect formed over time, Creator cultists, devoted to the idea of their creators as gods... to the point of fanaticism.